How do I transfer a domain name to DOMAINSunder?

How do I transfer a domain name to DOMAINSunder?

You can do this online, or email or call us and we will prepare the invoice.

To move domain names over to DOMAINSunder do the following:

dot-com and other non-dot-ca names
- Make sure privacy protection is turned off with your existing registrar. If you have a login to your existing registrar, log in there, and turn off the privacy protection. This is required so that we can see what the current email is on record.

For all domains including dot-ca
- unlock the domain name. Look this up with your existing regitrar.
- SEND US the authorization code.

The authorization code is sometimes called the EPP code, or the transfer secret. Again get this from your existing registrar.

After the transfer takes place, you must check the email account on record for the administrative contact, and click on the authorization link in that email to approve the transfer.

But I don't have access to the existing administrative contact email!!!

In some cases you may not have access to the existing administrative email contact, and in this case, we can use a different technique to make the transfer. In this case some charges may apply to cover the administrative time to do this, so having access to your existing administrative contact email is the best way to do a transfer.

For godaddy: after transfer approval has been made, you can speed up the transfer by also accepting at godaddy as per:
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