Set up owncloud right in your web hosting area

Thats right! You can sync your contacts and / or calendar, allow people to upload or download large files, use webdav to upload files, backup your files using your OWN cloud.

This is far more secure than other cloud services that are scanned by local and foreign government agencies.

We can set up owncloud for youat extra cost, or you can do it yourself for FREE with this easy setup guide.

1. First thing you need to do is to get into cpanel. See our related knowledgebase article on how to do this:

2. Once you are in cpanel, go down to the "domains" section and click on "subdomains".

NOTE in this article, replace with your own domain name.

Select subdomain from domains area

3. Create "cloud" subdomain:

Create cloud subdomain

4. Download owncloud source code SETUP PHP FILE to your pc or mac from:

Go to this page:

For simplicity, choose the "web installer for shared hosts" option, and download the "setup-owncloud.php" file as shown here (note their website may change)

web installer site

5. Open "filemanager" in files:

open filemanager

5.a. and select the "cloud" directory.

Open owncloud dir in filemanager

6. Select "upload" and upload the file you received in step 4. to the cloud directory.

Select upload in file manager

7. Once you have downloaded, your upload should be completed

file downloaded

8. point your browser at your home page - in our example: - Use your domain name here. Click on the "setup-owncloud.php" file to start the installation wizard.

open your webpage

9.  go through the wizard to install owncloud

wizard 1

wizard 2

wizard 3

10. Create admin name: Do not use the word "admin" by itself, and choose a password with upper and lower case letters, and numbers. Special characters are good too. The best passwords are phrases with numbers and upper case in them.

create admin

11.  Click finish setup, and then download your favourite tools to access owncloud

owncloud complete

12. Go back to cpanel, and select "redirect" under domains:

select redirect

13. Point root at owncloud in the redirect screen. Again use your own domain name here.

Point root at owncloud

14. After you click "Add" success should look like this. That's it you are done. go to for documentation on details on how to do things with your new cloud.

owncloud redirect success

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